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Sep 23, 2012 1:10am EDT
bob dole had been the senate minority leader -- majority leader, i'm sorry, as he was a 1990's during the clinton administration or newt gingrich, i would have been able to work out this deal. whether that is the case or not, certainly, the president has a very strong argument that there is less flexibility in the house republicans now than there was during the gingrich era. >> there has been some criticism of the book. guest: i guess this person did not read the book because you repeatedly have themes. for example, when speaker brainer it is considering whether to except more revenue has -- when speaker boehner is considering whether to accept more revenue as the president has proposed, eric cantor goes to his office. and cantor has the ties with the tea party and boehner lays out his proposal for more revenue and steve stone breeze, who is the chief of staff to eric cantor, who is in touch with the tea partyers to say the least, i ask, how many votes do you think you could get for that additional revenue and the speaker says about 170. and he says to him, "you are crazy." tha
Sep 22, 2012 10:10pm EDT
burma. i am a great fan of your country. i first went there in the 1970's. i kept going back. and there is a lot to love about burma. it is beautiful and a bountiful. i do not think anyone can find a more kinder and resilience people in the world. i was involved with a great man who was a patriot and a man who would have been one of your great colleagues in nld. we spent many days and nights going over the struggles and triumphs of nld and the challenge of finding democracy. many of your party spent time in prison and also under deplorable conditions. i have got to say, in all of my visits to burma, none of them were like the one i had last year. i went there last winter. good news is hard to come by these days. it was astonishing to see so much good news burma coming news of all places. -- so much good news coming from burma of all places. after 50 years of pretty much a brutal dictatorship, they are awakening at last. your picture was everywhere i went. it would hang in the bazaars at markets. a few years before, it was illegal to own the picture. i even picked out a handbag tha
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2